Projektübung (Studio 1) • Jakominimarkt

Sommersemester 2018
Projektübung (Studio 1)
Hans Gangoly · Job Floris · Andreas Lechner
Typology: Civic

Guest Professor Job Floris

This summer term’s Design Studio at the Institut fuer Gebaeudelehre will be lead by Guest Professor Job Floris from critically-acclaimed Dutch studio Monadnock and will work on the Jakominiplatz in the centre of Graz. The design task will combine urban, object and detail scales by developing a public programme that questions and transforms existing priorities of this highly frequented public space. The design studio will re-write the Jakominiplatz as an architectural narrative, criss-crossing typological and topological aspects by paying close attention to models and drawings. Job recently taught at the Porto Academy’s Summer School and the Architecture Foundation’s masterclass in London and contributed to the Chicago Architecture Biennial ‘Make New History’.


Programmvorstellung: Montag 05.03.2018, 14.10h HS 1

Abb.: Helmut Tezak · Graz · 1989